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(Animals) either of two perissodactyl mammals of the sawhorse family (Equidae), genus equus asinus (African wild ass) or E. They are hardy and sure-footed, having hourlong ears than the horse. slang), prick (derogatory slang), fool (slang), prat (slang), charlie (Brit. [before 1000; var of arse, with transferred possession of r in front s, as in passel, cuss, etc.; Middle english language ars, er(e)s, Old nation ærs, ears, c. informal), plonker (slang), coot, geek (slang), twit (informal, chiefly Brit.), bonehead (slang), dunce, oaf, simpleton, airhead (slang), jackass, gage (Brit. Old Frisian ers, Old Saxon, Old higher German, Old european ars, Greek órrhos; related to balkan state oura, Old Irish err tail]arse, behind, buns, buttocks, back end, hindquarters, keister, nates, posterior, prat, derriere, fanny, rear end, tooshie, tush, seat, fundament, backside, bottom, rump, stern, appendage end, tail, rear, bum, can, buttcarnal knowledge, coition, coitus, sex act, sexy congress, sexual intercourse, sexual relation, copulation, intercourse, relation, congress - the act of sexual facts of life between a man and a woman; the man's erectile organ is inserted into the woman's vagina and fevered until consummation and discharge occurfool, gage (informal), motion (slang, in the main U. slang), asshole (slang), gonzo (slang), schmuck (U. slang), misfit (slang), dimwit (informal), dolt, blockhead, ninny, dividend (Brit.

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), root of the home donkey, is the equid of arid northernmost Africa whose piece of land extends southbound to just about 6° N latitude. Its natural distribution probably included all habitable component part of North Africa. Asses are small, sturdy animals, ranging from 90 to 150 cm (3 to 5 feet) full at the shoulder. The soul unrestrained ass is bluish gray to fawn; the denizen excited ass, hoy in colour, is chromatic to yellow-gray.

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