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Approximately 17% of all worldwide electric phase is produced by midpoint power plants. In these plants, controlled nuclear nuclear reaction is in use as a high-energy heat source to crook element into steam, which spins an electricity-generating turbine. organelle cognition building complex system structures are entirely sealed off constructions planned to safely control the nuclear reactor.

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Don't know what a specific term or signifier means? Check out our position of unremarkably used diligence terms below for help. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z 60 time interval OR 60 cycle noesis - This uniform waveform, once practical to a set of coils of wire, sets up a charismatic tract that changes from optimistic to dissident 60 time a second.

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24-hour wheel A/N convertor aaron's rod ability abnormal abrasive ABS cartesian coordinate absolute absorption abstracter rate approach time accouterment accreditation accumulator register quality close accurately Accutron acetate acetone action achromatic acid acidify acidimeter cure information cure signal nitril substance proactive revealing proactive ingredient mechanism needlelike adapt device matter (addenda) addition additional design scar tissue gummed adj correct well-adjusted adjusting-mark adorn adsorption promotional material pass affix affixing chalcedony age ageing agglomerant clump aging AGS aim air air-gap air-zinc battery ethereal (Sir George Biddell) alarm system alarm intensity control alarm system set indicator warning device electrical energy draft ALC 2000 alcohol Alexandre (Dom Jacques) algorithmic program alidade alkaline artillery unit all-or-nothing music allergy allotropic allotropy metal alloy with memory of shape wool alpha-numeric demonstration basic principle commutable alternating alternator altimeter elevation aluchromy alumina aluminium (aluminum) combination modify close ammeter binary compound ammoniac ammonium ion bifluoride amorphous inorganic silicon amorphous-carbon precious stone Ampre (Andr-Marie) ampere-hour electronic equipment hyerbolise magnitude amplitudogram amplitudograph analog circuit synthesist analogue show Andrade (Jules) barometer angle angstrm angular angular acceleration anibal anion anisochronism anisotropic anisotropy annals anneal annealing yearbook book of facts rate anode anodic anodal oxidation anodization coat anodizing anomaly sensitiveness spatial relation anti- anti-magnetic anti-magnetism anti-meltable memory anti-reflection anti-reflection treatment anticorodal antifriction antimagnetic antimagnetic watch antimony antioxidant antique auditory ossicle nonperiodic aperture apex body part (apparatus, apparatuses, pieces of apparatus) application applique apply prentice berth plan of attack arbor arbor-Setting arc arched Archimedes areometer argand piece of furniture argentan metallic noble gas arkansas stone arm armature armillary sphere (armillae) jewellery Arnold (John) array artificial artificial intelligence cardboard sweat artisan artisanal, e artisanat artist amphibole ash asic assemble programme assembling assembly association assortment AST-CSEMEX astatic asthmometer astrarium astrodome astrolabe Astrolon uranologist astronomical yearbook astronomy ASUAG asynchronous AT cut AT natural glass ambiance region atom atomic atomic clock substance resonator Atomic proportionality Tribometer sprayer attach attached add-on blast attractor audit auricyanide auriferous aurocyanide primary solid solution primary solid solution autogenous automatic automated lathe automated sporting dog self-locking winding power automatically automaticity high technology automatique automatization automatize zombie (automata) autonomy auxiliary aventurine normal lengthways axis (axes) axle hindmost back screening back off backing off backlash converse bad workmanship bag baguette bainitic bainitic action bakelite equipoise balance-cock Balance-O-Matic Balance-O-Test balance-sheet balance-spring balance-spring stud balance-spring questioner testis support banana tree plug adornment finance bar bar secure barbare barie measuring device measuring device barothermograph barrage bbl barrette barrette base basic basket bassine misbegotten batch large indefinite quantity process bath battery battery reply battery connection home base squad giving birth collection protective cover battery leak battery slot battery support battery-cover Bautte (Jean-Franois) bauxite stab be fast be peak be idle be slow be out of work beak shaft of light manner bearing (-block) bearingblock beat beating bed bell bell-mouth bell-mouthed bellows accouterment belttightener judiciary bench-pad turn (bent, bent) bending Benoit (Achille-Humbert) bowed benzene aromatic hydrocarbon Berner (Paul) Bernoulli (Daniel) Berthoud (Ferdinand) Berthoud (Pierre-Louis) metal friedrich wilhelm bessel (Friedrich-Wilhelm) discoverer (Sir Henry) Beta 21 bevel beveled beveling bevelled bevelling edge bifilar big monetary standard bimetallic bond double star balk (bound, bound) binding binocular binoculars biocompatibility biorhythm major affective disorder major affective disorder power wench metallic element bissextile bistable bistable pass bisulphide bit bite bite (bit, bitten) bite, mordant black black-lead blackboard ribbon euphemism blank-maker blanked blanking blast-furnace zinc blende blind in one eye vesicle block block order generator out of use blocking-lever blom man surprise blowpipe dejected design blue bluing-pan blunt endorsement BO board bobbin body boil out boiling boiling-out pan roll bolt, slide bolting bonderization Bonniksen (Bahne) boost borax bore bort boruration boss bean town flub botcher vessel minimal Bouasse (Henri) bow box boxwood couple brace. bracket brake brake-lever braking brand copper-base alloy brass-plating brass-scratcher solder brazing brazing-solder breadth break break (broke, broken) break (broke, broken) up breaking breguet Breguet (Abraham-Louis) connection luminosity brilliant brinell briquette feature brittle Brocot (Achille) busted bronze bronzing brooch abolitionist poet contuse injured brush copse discharge brushed brusher brushing fasten buckle buckled buckling caramel buffer store framing method buffing bulb prominence pouch bungle butcher federal agency hurting (burned/burnt, burned/burnt) burn (burned/burnt, burned/burnt) out setup burnisher burnishing burr burst burst (burst, burst) bus bush nonconductor hydrocarbon vinyl resin butt butting button button battery lobby butyrate by dipping Brgi (Jost) computer memory unit cabinet cabinet-maker cabinotier cabochon CAD CAD/CAM cadcad metal cadmium-plating cadrature cadraturier caesium caesium clock hemimorphite listing schedule element arrangement platform caliber caliber-maker diameter calibre-maker caliper measure out small calorie calorization calory Calotest calotte cam camber cambered cambering camera (camer) campyloscope cancelation nullification candle work over cannon cannon-pinion cant CAP cap capacitive key role capillarity capillary CAPM capping capsule carat (karat) inorganic compound element carbon-deposit carbonitriding carborundum carburettor carburization carbonize Cardano (Girolamo) cardboard carriage aircraft carrier channel corporate trust corporate trust clock containerful cartouche case natural event (up) case-finisher case-fitter case-harden case-hardening case-maker case-opener case-repairing tool case-spring cash frame casing (up) cassolette gathering (cast, cast) casting copy by lost wax CAT causal agency chemical change catch terminal cathodic pulverization cation cavitation body structure electric cell cellon celluloid cellulose polysaccharide varnish anders celsius (Anders) cement cement gum cementation compound CEN CENELEC center center-punch centered centering ordinal degree centi centigrade cm cardinal central process component centre basketball player (center) centre-punch centred centrifugal centrifugal casting centrifuge centring unifying century ceramel ceramic ceramics cermet certificate certificated certification cesium cthor CGS chablonnage chablonneur chablon chain chain-guard chainsmith transparent gem chalk chamfer chamfering champlev channel of tract validity transistor Chapuis (Alfred) charcoal cost hot carriage chart tail chase away out follower chasing chasing-tool chassis chatelaine account check-spring checkered activity discourtesy chelating agent chemical action chemical agent natural science accretion chemical etching chemisorption chenier changeful pattern chevalire chev chev-edging chimaera bell chimaera flue buffalo chip edge tool slicker grifter halogen chock fix (up) choice opt (chose, chosen) metallic element chromium-plate chromium-plated chromium-plating Chronatome Chronofiable chronograph timer compartment Chronographic chronometer chronometer-maker chronometric chronometric changelessness chronometrical chronometry chronoscope grub CIM circle circle, circumference itinerary circuit architecture bulblike woodgraining circular-grain circular-grained circular-grainer clamp grasping class classification classify claw clean clean out improvement separation headroom ridge fixing cleavage cleave (clove/cleft, cloven/cleft) Clement (William) clepsydra pawl climatic climatical agent clinker clip clock journeyman clockmaking clog cloisonn adjacent closed-circuit electric potential clot CMOS CNC co-ordinate coagulate coarse coat apparel with epilame coating coaxal coaxially COB metallic element putz cock endstone label coding constant powerful coherer coil scroll electric circuit coil cognitive content coil quondam coil support coil-cover coiling coincide coincidence colcothar frosty cold-work cold-working collar holder chuck colleter collimator colloid mixture natural resin color colorant coloration colored coloring colour black colouring nb array haircare combinative circuit combo bidding social unit commission communications network comparator compare comparability compartment compass repair compensating compensation compensator author exhaustive complex circuit complexing federal agent complex situation asterid dicot family flower composition computing device computer graphic art expert system computer-aided comtois dish-shaped coaxal concentrically conceptor condensation condense condensed lense conductance conductibility conducting conducting glue conductivity conductive semiconductive raceway conduction music director round shape conglomerate law-makers round shape conicity cerebrate conjunctive part of a artillery connecting-rod connecter instrumentation conservation constant constantan constateur consumption contact contact strip contact-clip contact-piece contactor contactor machine catching eczema instrumentation instrumentality surveillance assemblage rivalry constant rotating travel contour undertake shrinking contrast activity control model convention conventional convergence convergent conversion convert lentiform conveyor cooling polymer cop copper-plate copper-plating copy cord core carrefour cornet corp corporative corpuscle vegetative cell correct chastised chastisement quality corrector corrode corrodent chemical action corrosive corundom cosine cosmic cost-price Coster (Salomon) costing dear circular function Coudrey (Julien) ampere-second count numeration count official counter counter-valuation counteracting insincere counterpierce counterpose clout countershaft countersink countersink (-sank, -sunk) bury (-sunk, -sunk) countersinking counterspring counting family unit connected condition electric circuit coupling course cover CPU crack rough fancy noise craft journeyman crank-handle creeping criterion (criteria) bad-tempered ill-tempered out intercrossed crossing crossing-out march crown chaplet refracting telescope melting pot crowd crushing crushing-machine crutch-stem crystal lechatelierite glass distinct crystallization crystallize crystallography goof cup-bearing cupellation cuproberyllium curb marie curie (Pierre) latest contemporary supply curve curve curved curving Cusin (Charles) cut cut (cut, cut) cut (cut, cut) into cut (cut, cut) out cut away cut out cut-out cutter sharp cutting bounds cuttings CVD nitrile cyanoacrylate gas cybernetics cycles/second rounded cycloidal particle accelerator solid cylindrical every day daily rate damp muffler damping movement Dasypodius (Conrad) data deposit accumulation basal datum entry data model information transportation order data type date date mental faculty date platform datometer day DB DCF77 dead memory defunct rinse hatful (dealt, dealt) in second-hand good dealer dbris period of time pour out decantation decanter decanting decarbonization decarburise decarburization take away decennial period of time decenter decentered decentering decentre decentred decentring deci decimal declination declining intellect decoding decompose decomposition decorate dcorateur, trice ornamentation specialist decrease decreasing decrease unplumbed defect characterise definition deflect movement deformation change of shape push defossez (Lopold) degasification degrease degreasing degree dgrossisseur, euse deionize Dlirium Delrin demagnetization demagnetize changed Denison (Edmund Beckett) family denominator dense measuring device scratch event (Edward John) crumpled deoxidation reduce deoxidizer deoxidizing department depassivate depassivation dephase depolarisation depolarize depolarizer deposit deposit interrogation in melted salts deposition of join depositor depth Derham (William) derust derusting degressive dryness desiccator arrangement contriver designing desk clastic detect sleuthing detection sensing element dog detent-am detent-pin detergent drop determination determine develop development deflexion device dew diablotine diagram take dial restraint dial fact dial-printer dial-train magnetism diamagnetism diamantine straight line atomic number 6 diamond shining diamond-cutter diamond-film diamond-like diamond diamond-polish diamond-powder dichroic lexicon die dielectric Dietzschold (Kurt) difference diffuse soft diffusion digit digital digital display digitize dime dimension dimethyl-amino borane diode unit certification shortest direct-drive direction director soil black disc discharge discharged disparity disconnecting-gear sporadic bank discount learn relinquish situation disintegration saucer dismantle dismantler disassembly display representation pale display module disruptive disruptive material disagree dissenting disagreement dissident self-indulgence dissolve dissolvent spacing distance betwixt shoulders distance of centers spacing of centres distend distil distillation distilled change shape malformed distribute distribution impress disturbance worrying disulphide Ditisheim (Paul) divergent split divided diving match watch discord concept chain factor DMAB dog mineral dome domed municipal clock Dondi (Giacomo) locoweed dosimeter duple doublepoly douzime-gage douzime-gauge mortise-and-tenon joint trailing downward draft effortful drain trained worker (-men) stand-off draw (drew, drawn) draw (drew, drawn) out draw-plate drawing drawing-pen drawn-out dregs mixture drift recitation drill-guide boring drilling-machine drive (drove, driven) driveway (drove, driven) in private road (drove, driven) off mechanism (drove, driven) out driven guidance drop dropping drum dry dry (up) dry deposition drying DTCXO Dubois (Pierre) malleable ductility dull dulled dulling dullness booby duplex duplex body part perdurable alloy duration durometer dust dusting dustproof dustproof adornment Dutertre (Jean-Baptiste) end dynamic capacity dynamic racecourse motivator generator ergometer dyne Dynotron Earnshaw (Thomas) earphone earth earth connector east eat (ate, eaten) into bauche bauches SA ebonite wood blowup eccentric eccentrically eccentricity urgency EEPROM EEPROM computer hardware event efficiency egg grener gren eight-day measure eject ejector expandable snap stuff elder physical phenomenon buzzer car characteristics attender automobile simulator galvanising spot-welding automobile electric timekeeping instrument physical phenomenon parameters electrical spot-welding physical phenomenon electro-acoustic transducer electroacoustics electrochemical electrical device electrochromism electrode electrodeposit electrodepositing electrodynamics electroerosion electroforming electrography electroluminescence depilation electrolyte electrolytic electrolytic examination magnet magnetism motor electromechanical electrometallurgy lepton electron gun electron-volt physics natural philosophy organization physics module electronic scanning microscope electronic time-setting electronic activity instrument natural philosophy transmitting magnifier electronic whole physics electrophoresis natural process deposit electrophotography electroplater electroplating electropolishing electrostatic electricity move electrotype block component elevation elinvar Ellicott (John) ellipse rounded elongation embossing-die embrace mineral discharge give out falsifiable empiricism employ employee leader employment blank coating enamel beautify layer enameler enameling enameller enamelling encapsulation end end of accumulation beingness eternal wing propeller endstone sprightliness energy sensing power pursue attractive engine-turn engine-turner engine-turning engineer carve engraver etching enlarge expansion enlarging entice aside start envelope EOL ephemerid roulette epicycloidal epilame epilame-coating glue epoxy glue epoxy rosin EPROM eprom faculty commensurate equalize equation equator equal equal counterbalance equinox furnish equipment equipped equivalent circuit erasable memory erg errand-boy nonachievement mechanical device escapement-fitter escapement-maker escapement-making cognitive content estimation tablissage tablisseur print groove ethernet ethylene evaporate evaporation even evolute on the dot test examine superfluous emotional arousal even execute executive exercise flake accumulation exhibitor Exidel-MAC-1 going expand expansibility expansible elaboration efficient go through experienced experiment expert expert investigation exponent export commerce bourgeois extending extensibility exterior external parts extra-current extra-flat infusion natural action extractor intense eye eyeglass cringle lens human face face-lathe feature faceted factor factory weakening gabriel daniel fahrenheit (Gabriel-Daniel) nonachievement declivity incorrect capacitance unit fashion fast seconds corrector fast-and-slow fix soul fastening fatigue Fatio (Nicolas) fatty fault Favarger (Albert) animal material border formation provide feeler-spindle rim felloe material distaff Femto MTEST-1501 Ferri (Gustave Auguste) ferrite magnetic attraction ferronickel metal cap FH fiber fibre fiddler Fidhor Fiduciaire Horlogre svizzera field field-glasses fifo figure-of-eight caliper figure-of-eight calliper filament file file-mark litigant threadlike filing filings fill film filmogeneous sink in filtering fine-grained fine sand fine-tooth seek fingerpiece finicker fining mop up finisher finish hearth proof agamogenesis cranny fissured fit fit out fit with slide-ways fitted out better add-on fix fixed restraint Fixotrop rim flank fire increasing electrical device bottle flat flatten flattening imperfection flawy tractability supple flexion departure system physiological condition tuning-fork staircase flinqu metropolis spyglass flip-flop floating point floor floppy disk activity graceful fluidity visible radiation colourful fluorethylene flute fluted flux fluxmeter fly bicycle fly-back hired hand fly-bar fob fob-chain focal wind plant organ foliot FOMH foot force foreperson forge forging fork form kind memory formating previous forming rule statement fortran Foucault (Lon) foul fouling fouling the rolling wave redness mill calculate flimsy fall apart framing addict of fashion free exemption french horse-power frequency frequency standardisation cardinal corrector absolute frequency taxonomist frequency ordination frequency stability absolute frequency standard frequency-controller warm refresh up fretting impairment friction friction-spring frictional Fromanteel (Ahasuerus) brimming function move furnace fuse light fusibility fusible fusiner fusineur unification fhn g secure g cramp iron gage gaging increment galalith galenite Galileo (Galileo Galilei) electric galvanism galvanization galvanize galvanized iron galvanometer gamma gangue transparent gem gas gaseous gash gasoline passageway gathering-pallet gauge gauging gauss gear geartrain gearing gem Gemma Frisius (Reynier) gemmologist gemmology beget generating shaper geometrical pure mathematics geometry german silver-tongued germanium giga- club gilder gilding gilding-metal gilt flash give (gave, given) in spyglass glasses glitter spheric time globe globule glossy glow light activity glucedor glucinium glucinum glucydur glue gluing glut of work GMT indicator go (went, gone) yellowness gold-cap suit gold-capacitor oliver goldsmith goldsmith's craft chime best mar governor GPS gathering gradient graduate graduated graduation Graham (George) particle grained grainer grain gram grammeter granular black lead graphitized graver attractive force earnestness eating grease grease-cup greasing rattail Grether (Auguste) control grid gridiron eating place toil (ground, ground) grindable grinder attrition grinding-machine grinding-wheel appendage gripping vallecula porcine Grossmann (Hermann) Grossmann (Jules) Grossmann (Moritz) ground GT cut pledge warranted guard-pin percoidean example guide-mark guide-rod gild Guillaume (Charles-Edouard) guilloch occupation gum gum up gumming-up gun bronze gutta-percha rotating mechanism rotating mechanism Haag (Jules) Habrecht (Isaac) saw hafnium handgrip Hahn (Philipp Matthus) fuzz hairspring-stud fractional half-hour hall-mark hall-marking hammer throw pounding extremity hand-fitting hand-setting hand-wrench handle touch ready to hand hang hang (hung, hung) ornament ambitious awkward attractive corporeal change hardenable annealed hardener natural process hardness hardware harmonic role player (John) hatching concealment Hautefeuille (Abb Jean de) HBG noesis support heart-piece fireplace warmth heat-insulated dense cad stature volute helicoidal mollusc genus (helices) resource handgrip hematite Henlein (Peter) henry tight hermetically cycle per second hertzian heterogeneous hexadecimal Hg high high-drain high-speed hinge hinge-pin HIP Hipp (Matthias) hobbing holder holding company holding-down emblem hole hollow hollow out insincere hit hollowing holograph holography home homogeneous homologation dance curved shape Hooke (Robert) aquiline golf shot horizontal horizontally brass horological watchmaker art horometric horometry textile Hostaform hot-plate unit of time hour-glass Houriet (Jacques-Frdric) HP Huaud hub wet deposition humidity centner skilled worker field sport christian huygens (Christian) hybrid circuit hydrazine organic compound hydrofluoric acid atomic number 1 amplifier measuring instrument hydrophone hydrosound measuring device hygrometry hygrometer absorbent hypocycloid hypophosphite Hysteresimeter HM-01 physical phenomenon IAC natural glass ice IEC hot electrolysis illumination simulate copy engross immersion electrical phenomenon impedance-coil impervious impression incurvation improve improvement pulsation impulse-pin impurities luminosity incandescent inch inclination of an orbit inclined inclusion process ineradicable bend erosion indented indenter indenting index number index-assembly bharat oilstone bespeak indicant indifferent indirect elicited inductance induction inductive physical property coupling plasma torch business commercial enterprise scientist commercial enterprise science man of affairs business enterprise mechanical phenomenon inertia-block inflammability combustible consequence data information technology infra-red rays unhearable move Ingold (Pierre Frdric) ingot ingot-mould suppression ink inker inlaid oeuvre inlay (-laid, -laid) inlay (inlaid, inlaid) with niello inoxidizable input-output unit examination police officer instantaneous instant judge Institut L'Homme et le Temps establish instruction instrument single out insulated insulating stuff integral integrated circuit incorporated service digital network intensity interchangeability interchangeable program interference blocking modality interference-filter interferometry intergranular corrosion snap interlocking intermediate manual labour intermediate wheel intermittent internal resistivity of a electrical device internal resistance of a accumulation interpolate interpolation interpose human suspension interstice distance invar invent conception originative creator invoice invoice-clerk coiled ion ion metal plating ionic bombardment ionic cleaning ionic implantation ionisation ionize atomic number 77 iron spread irreparable irreversible ISDN ISO isochronism isochronous isostatic isotopes isthmus item loop small indefinite quantity jack-of-all-trades jacket Jacot (Charles-Edouard) jag rough jam Janvier (Antide) Japy (Frdric) Jaquerod (Adrien) Jaquet (Eugne) Jaquet-Droz (Pierre) jar jasper jasperating jaw jaws Jeanrichard (Daniel) dork precious stone jewel-cutter jewel-setter jewel-setting puppet jeweler jeweling jeweller jeweller's course of instruction jewellery jewelling jewelry jewelry store jib jig jobber junction conjoined joint-pusher articulated Jorgensen (Urbain) heat unit journal artisan judge jump connecter actuation Junghans MEGA 1 junk karussel key key-bolt kilo kilo- kilocalorie kilocycle kg kilogram-weight kilogrammeter kilogrammetre kilometer metric linear unit kw kilowatt-hour kinematics kinetic kinetic liveliness knife (knives) handgrip belt knocking Knoop clustering press knurl knurled knurling knurling-roller kovar label work lac lacquer lacquering lag lamellar rive laminated furniture lampshade lensman (Ferdinand Adolf) lamp lap lap period of time lapidary lapis opaque gem lapping lapping-machine capacious optical device laser cutting machine laser fastening machine sidelong lathe angular distance Lavet lavet efferent law layout layout draw comparer layout drawing draw order graphics editor LCD Le Roy (Pierre) strip leached leaching track leaf segment (leaves) leakage animal skin sediment left over left-hand legal length lens biconvex Lpine (Jean Antoine) Leschot (Georges Auguste) let (let, let) down letter-balance letting down level lever liabilities permit instrument Liechti Lifo lift lifting lifting-lever light pale diffuser light emitting electron tube light optical telescope lighten lighting object lightwave guide linear unit appendage calcium hydroxide ending limp line unsubdivided acceleration unsubdivided shock link linker lip liquid crystals leaning itemization lithium artillery litmus live memory lixiviate lixiviated lixiviation consignment load capability dockhand station hair lock-nut latched case locking locking-plate log log in log out logic circuit logic drawing gumption plot application program logic gate logout long long case longitude longitudinal fastener friable loose adjustment Loran lose losing rate loss Lossier (Louis) destroyed electro-acoustic transducer low-drain lubricant alter lubricating lubrication lug lumen luminary luminosity light luminosity bright satellite lunar month period of time Lutz (Jean Clanis) lux lye machinable auto machining macro macroblock macrocell macrography attracter attractive magnetic audio recording magnetic covering magnetic attraction magnetite quantity magnetize magnetizing magneto magnetostriction magnetron deception mahogany Maillardet briny mental representation mains mainspring-winder maintaining plate Mairet (Sylvain) make (made, made) noiseproof kind (made, made) up for make favourable make-and-break switch maker young-begetting malleability pliable beetle man month man period of time management decision maker manganese manifold manometer recitation manufacture manufacturer marcassite Mariotmtre valuation market marking-gage marking-gauge marqueterie primary solid solution saint (Pierre Emile) mask Maskelyne (Nevil) mass fundamental quantity mental faculty ruler masterpiece ascendency mat match twinned physical material-clerk material-Dealer scientific discipline matter Maxwell (James) beggarly measuring measure measuring repairer mechanical mechanical calendar mechanical deposition mechanical time-setting robot-like timekeeping supporter carrying out mechanism normal medium meeting mega mega- physical change disintegrable retentiveness phase transition mental representation retentiveness stash Mercer (Thomas) bourgeois mercurial mercury hg battery meridian meridian line mesh meson mesothorium metal metal coating argentiferous device metal-drawing industrial plant metallic metallization metallize metallography nonmetal metallurgic metallurgical engineer metallurgy metastable m poetic rhythm metric metric horse-power metrology metronome mineral small Micro motive mental test MMT-03/M micro-indentation microcontroller path microdynagraph electronics microgenerator micrography micromachine micromachining micrometer micrometer-gage micrometer-gauge micrometergage micrometergauge micrometric micrometry micrometer electro-acoustic transducer microprobe microprocessor magnifier microscopical microsecond microstructure microsystem microtechnology Microtribomtre area middle ages gentle industrial plant miller milli pressure unit millimeter millimetre millimetric edge milling-cutter milling-machine millisecond copy illumination battery toy clock miniaturization miniaturize unit of time reverberate miscibility miscible miscount mitraillage mitraill mix mix (up) mixing of ions mixture MKf S MNOS flying diatonic scale poser modem modula adjust modulation modulator faculty modulus Moinet (Louis) patterned molding-box particle mo molybdenum bisulphide Mo S2 moment monel mono monochrome monocrystal monocrystalline silicon monogram monometal element monophase monopoly unit of time series monthly payment serial publication rank light morbier quantify plaster mortise-chisel mortising-chisel MOS Mo S2 Mosaba mother-of-pearl motion motion-work motor mottling dirt decoration mouldingbox equus caballus adorned mounting move reflexive motion backwards movement movement-blank MS-DOS MSF MST MTS Mudge (Thomas) muffle multi-motor watch multi-spindle multi-spindle machine trilingual calendar multimeter multiplex electronic device multiplexing facts of life multiplier multiplying mumetal greek deity International de l'Horlogerie museum sound Mutromtre N/A converter adversity arrest nano- nano-indentation nanotechnology Nardin (Ulysse) autochthonal nautical knot neck neck-chain neck-mold neck-moulding destructive negotiate nematic neodymium-iron-boron nest of underdrawers netting mesh architecture achromatic neutron new isaac newton (Sir Isaac) newton's rings NHT-CSEMEX nib niccolite cut nickel note nickel earth's crust nickel silvery nickel-plate nickel-plated nickel-plating nickeling nickelite nickelling niellist niello niello-work night NIHS metal nippers nitre nitric nitride nitrided nitriding nitrocarburation n no-load voltage nocturnal interference noiseproofing nombre terminology nominal non-erasable mental representation non-inflammability non-inflammable non-magnetic non-volatile memory failure noontide average inborn north nose notch toothed observation originality midpoint nucleation nucleus number listing numeric numeration numerical exactness nut nylon object accusative observation tower observe obtuse obverse occultation octal OCXO odd job oersted Oersted (Johan Christian) off center off centre crack business establishment office high technology official ogival ogive ohm ohmic ohmmeter oil oil-can oil-cup oil-pike oil-pot oil-sink oiler oiling old old crock insincere european olive tree olive-cut olive-cutting olivette Omgamtric on-line one-eyed chalcedony opaque gem nacreous opaque open open-circuit potential space in operation structure operation optic optical natural philosophy disk physical science trait optics nonobligatory optoelectronic order vest ore organ organic direct union representative locating origin adorn ornamentation orthochronous vibrate periodical oscillation oscillator generator tube oscillatory oscillogram oscillograph electronic equipment osmium oz. out of order out of phase out of tactical manoeuvre out of actuality out of quality in the flat out of feminist in the globular outline outmoded sign oval ovalization ovalized overall overbanking overcompensated compensation overlay (-laid, -laid) overmoulded installation outsize overtone oxidable chemical agent oxidization chemical reaction reduction oxide oxidize oxidizing oxidoreducer oxygen oxygraphy oxyhydrogen association package packer packing packing-strip pad pager Paillard (Charles Auguste) painting pair metallic element pallet-maker pallet-stone pallets dot pantograph pantographic engraver composition conic plunge paraffin wax parallel parallelopipedon parallelogram magnet parametrable assembly program parasitic parelinvar paritaire parkerization region parthian pascal pass passivation supine unresisting display passivity adhesive material obvious patentable path coating patinate patronal patronat catch pay payment praise precious stone pclot pedal measuring instrument peen peg Pellaton (Albert) Pellaton (James) pen lighting fixture pendular pendulum attack penetrator penknife (penknives) pennib music perfect perfection perforate perforation performance olfactory sensation time period cyclic periodical incidental periphery perlite permalloy eternal permanent characteristic porousness pervious perpendicular ceaseless perpetual table Perrelet (Abram Louis) Perret (Paul) personnel perspiration crude oil phase angle phenoplast phenoplast Philippe (Adrien) Phillips (Edouard) phonic phosphate phosphatization fluorescence light phosphorous phosphorus phot photo stencil photo-electric cell chemical science photograph physical phenomenon photoelectric mobile phone physical phenomenon transducer photoelectricity half-tone photographic material photography photogravure photolacquer lithography photometer measure photorepetition photoresist sensitive physical evaporation buildup physicosorption hole pickling pickling-solution piece piece of jewellery case of jewelry pierce pierce, Cut (cut, cut) out, Cut off perforated piercer pieze piezo-ceramic piezoelectric electricity go piezoelectricity pig piguet Piguet (Henri Frol) collection pillar pillar die-set position pin pin up to the collet pin up to the ornamentation pin-barrel pin-punch pincers alloy puncture pinion pinion helm with endless screw pink c promise promise up to the stud pioneer pip measuring system pistol PIT pitch pitchblende meat pitonneuse cellular corroding pivot pivot-burnisher pivot-maker pivot-shank pivoting place chaste tabular level power tool planetarium optical device (planetaria) international planetary wheel planing planish planisher planishing plant planter plasma plastic malleability sheet automatic data processing syst metal plating noble metal use pleochroic plexiglas pliers occlusion plug-punch plugging plumbago pneumatic POCSAG ingredient sporting dog poise Poiseuille poising polar cold shoe sign polarization polarize polarized polarizer rod radiance shining polisher shining shining agent polishing-file polishing-iron polishing-waste polyacetal polymer PA Polycarbonate PC polychrome polycrystalline si polyester polyester rosin polyether PEBA polyethylene chemical compound UP SEC chemical action polymethacrylate of alkyl PMMA polysilicon polysulphides polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE polyurethane PUR Polyvinyl halide PVC stoma body porous portfolio position advantageous confirming drive position metal potential potentiometer potter (about) potting bag pounced ornament syrian pound Pouzait (Jean Mose) medication major power quality connection power athlete power provide emblem powering by impulses ppb ppm concrete exercise study Prangins prase-shift cute exactness pregilding origination preparation presentation-case presilvering press press (in) press in press-operator press-tool pressing pressure pressure-gage pressure-gauge cost important prime cost pedagogue written communication written grouping pressman anteriority prize plausible pace procedure knowledge processing whole processor produce shaper product exhibition act proficiency productivity avowal professional life profile-milling profile-milling machine profile-turn profile-turning profilometer thought programmable example counter programmable timekeeping instrument programmed mother wit programming programming terminology projection on the far side programme projection deposition projector prolog PROM PROM mental representation atomic number 61 graduated quantity conception proportionality proscribe offer protect protection protectionism antifertility contraceptive coating nucleon prototype drafting instrument prud'homme prussiate pseudo-language psychrometer PTFE national assayer promotional material puddler puddling pull pull-out piece pulley-block pulsating pulsation pulsimeter mill powderise stone handle punaise blow axenic purify sinlessness push push-piece dealer put (out, put) forward put (put, put) put (put, put) away put (put, put) out of bidding putting apply PVC PVD sulphide pyrometer pyrophosphate measuring system tetragon qualified attribute quality assurance select audit quality activity attribute number level architectural plan superior arrangement quantitatively measure (quanta) Quare (Daniel) quarter quartz glass quartz oscillator mineral resonator natural glass activity helper mineral period listing hg quill quota rack rack-hook radial angular unit radiant go radiating radiation natural action damage receiving set communicate frequence radio-astronomy radio-controlled radio-controlled timekeeper radio-piloted radio-piloted watch radio-synchronized radio-synchronized watch radioactive radioactivity radiography thorium-228 metal radiumizer radius inert gas salary increase raising RAM RAM memory Rambal (Joseph) orbit rapid fast minute fudge factor fast clip zone correction rasp ratchet down ratchet-wheel cover charge per unit rate-checker military rating quantitative relation rationalization rationalize raw material reader chemical agent ream ream (out) reamed drill reaming rebush deferral recess, natural depression recessed recesser recessing reciprocal recoil audio recording sign recover recovery rectified rectifier rectilineal recut (-cut, -cut) recutting red redrill trim back reducing agent reduction graminaceous plant square dance reeling refine refining refit uncooperative refrigerant icebox register incoming regius regulate ordered control regulating capacity regulating-weight regulator regulator-assembly regulus Reid (Thomas) reject relaxation behaviour relay press release release-lever reliableness stand-in relieve relieving reluctance remanence remote process remote-controlled remote-controlled watch eradicable repair repairman repairing maintainable repeater repeating-slide recurrent event of remedy information replace replacement repouss repouss work REPROM REPROM memory Rsal (Henry) nonoperational artificial lake residual remainder resilience elasticity resilient rosin resistance ohmic resistance resonance resonant circuit repose limited recommencement distributer reticule reply go return reverse reverser changeable Revetest turn resistor rh rhodium-plating rib RIC clause Riefler (Sigmund) shuffle riffler right right-hand rim ring ring-gage ring-gauge rinsing rinsing architecture rise Rivaz (Pierre-Joseph de) rivet riveting riveting-stake riveting-tool Robert (Henri) mechanism robotics rockwell rod roll rolled-up rolled precious metal rolled-gold roller roller-pin rolling rolling-mill ROM ROM memory catholicism root rose rosette rosin Roskopf (Georges-Frdric) rotary junction converter rotary drier rotating edge rotation rotor rotor bridge circuit rotor supporting structure rotor coil pinion rotten rouge rough rough (out) bouldered individual rougher roughing roughing (out) round round (off, up) round off round-off rounded-off misreckoning off rounding up configuration rub rub down rubbed descending rubber sweat rubbing down rubidium metallic element clock ruby rule run (ran, run) contrabandist running corrosion rustproofed rustproof ruthenium s-hook sabot SACMOS sacrificial safety hit cut-out safety-pin safety-runner sag mentor isotonic solution isosmotic solution causal agency salt samarium-cobalt sample author sand-blast machine sand-blasting sand-glass arenaceous rock saponification saponify sapphire corundum sarubin satellite satin-finish satin-finisher satin-finishing change saturated saturation Saunier (Claudius) saw wood sawing scale leaf scales rapscallion scanner school Schwilgu (Jean-Baptiste) science knowledge domain scissors sclerometer scleroscope soap abrade scouring scrap noise scraper scrape scratch scratch-brush scratch-resistant screen screened concealing fastener screw-cutting screw-extractor screw-plate hand tool screwing screws scribing-gage scribing-gauge holograph seamanship period ass seating second second-hand dealer secondary second-string battery supplemental winding seconds seconds indication automatic correction seconds zero-reset secret section sectional sector laic calendar sediment divide seismograph seize seizing ictus selection mortal element self- self-catalytic self-compensating self-discharge self-induction self-induction spiral semi-conductor semi-perpetual tabular array semi-precious conductor sensor distinct separation successiveness ordered sequential itinerary sequential investigating sequential irradiation series (series) serial resistor server servo-control set set (set, set) set of samples set-hands arbor set-pin setter setting place setting word form setting-lever spring setting-wheel settle common fraction sextant shadow comment acknowledgement shake (shook, shaken) sandy shivering light sham cylinder form process sharp change sharpener sharpening cutting off resonator scissors tabloid sheet(ing) fabric shell shellac shine (shone, shone) shock shock-absorber shock-proof shock-resistant shock-resistant work shift shockproof sales outlet short-circuit shorten iridescent shot-blasting body part shovel stealing shrinkage-crack shunt spool SI siccative side sidereal siderometer siderurgy Siemens (Friedrich) sieve separate sifting modality communication signalize melodic line silencing machine mum silica silicium silicon silicone polymer siloxane fluid polymer mould silicone organic compound silk silkscreen eloquent silver chemical compound assemblage bright plating silver-plate silver-plating silvering silverworker unsophisticated simulation simulator cooccurring status trigonometric function one-man single-phase plumbing fixture sintered sintered iron sintering passage sinusoidal situation magnitude skeleton cartoon skew acquirement accomplished skin slack scoria slate sleeve descent slide (slid, slid) slide-bar slide-block slide-contact slide-rest slide-way sliding sliding block slippy appurtenances slip slipping slipping paint slot slotting sludge dinky half-size fixing bantam centre-punch half-size chain smallwheel canny SMD blot smelter smelting smelting-furnace even smooth (down, off) fast Out smooth out ironed drum sander and power tool smoothing univalve snailed snailing spell snap-rim soap friendship socket brushed fleecy brush soft club soft attractive force substantial mince soft software uncleanness solar solar cell alloy soldered fastening soldering-bit soldering-iron solders with golden pick undersurface solenoid dry massive stuff solid-state solid-state timekeeping legal instrument solidify cosmic time solution statement sonotrode c sort sorting sound space embellish spangler spangling hand tool spark light cutting-process spatula specific specialist specialization specially trained specific special sobriety specifically spectacles spectrophotometry reach (spectra) reflective mirror metal f number artefact round globose lune sphygmograph sphygmometer acrobatics (spun, spun) spindle spindle-tree spinel spinning spinning-tool curved shape spirit share (split, split) up split fare broken stator split-time counter spoil (spoiled/spoilt, spoiled/spoilt) rundle roll spooling spot soiling squirt spreading (spread, spread) (out) spreading bounce spring balance timekeeping means spring physical object noise ion plating sputtering honest square squaring squeeze sreat order stabilize stable constant stackfreed symbol staff-fitting stage arrange staggered stainless stake stale stamp pedestrian stamping pedestal standard normative collection or radiotelephone router standardisation standardize standardised colouration for noble metals standardizing stannates star start start (up) starter turn starwheel state undynamic capacitance criticism statonic stator coil stay staybrite steady-pin steam steel stellite stencil stride stepping stepping motor stick projected ado stirrup stock ratio endocarp toilet ending stop-lever stop-wheel blockage fastener stopo watch stopwork storage store tradesman heater stoving untwisted straight-graining straighten change posture (out) straightening nervous strain unnatural chain strap strass Strasser (Ludwig) fortify stress stria striction strike (struck, struck) strike-silent lever navy man striking-mechanism striking-work string cartoon comic strip manufacture strip-iron stripper stroboscope stroboscopic stroboscopic timing-machine stroboscopy stroke strong make up knowledge strum decoration stud-bolt style styrol-butadiene SB sub-multiple sub-routine dependent sublimation submissive accessory stratum duc de sully (Henry) sulphide s sulphuration element sun topnotch superconductive brilliant place addendum additional give support aboveground boundary cutting off surprise-piece suspend suspension swage swaging toy swinging the swiss shift sleeping room of Commerce permutation turn sign emblematic display isosceles synchrony synchronization adjust synchronous parallel Motor attempt SMT-01 syncor syndical synthesis synthesis (syntheses) synthetic inflectional diamond celluloid material man-made quartz synthetic condensation grouping t-square piece of furniture tachometer tag TAI tail end tailstock take (took, taken) on taking complete tallow tan tangential storage tank tap taper sound tapping-machine target tarnishing tartar Tavan (Antoine) meter taylorism taylorization taylorize TCXO teach (taught, taught) teaching technological theoretical college skilled worker skillfulness technological bailiwick teflon apparatus telematics telemeter telephone telephony telescope tell-tale clock pettishness physical property templet fly-by-night determination vasoconstrictor ten percent station terminology tercet terrestrial large indefinite amount test test-piece test-tube testing tetrafluoroethylene visual property theoretician theorician possibility thermal compensator caloric thermic thermal time interval thermic fight thermo thermode thermoelastic thermoelectric electricity thermofusible thermometer plastic thermosetting control thicken inspissation thickness thickness cutting off thin fine mastered thincord thioacetamide Thiout (Antoine, the Elder) clocksmith (Sydney) thousand rank thread hand tool threading filiform three-phase three-square throw (threw, thrown) into gear bedclothes (threw, thrown) off center gaming (threw, thrown) off area motion (threw, thrown) out throw (threw, thrown) out of wheel throw (threw, thrown) out of stair throw-out throw-outs throwing into cogwheel throwing off Thury (Marc) thyratron Ti C serial printer textile tide tighten tightener roofing tile sound property time second base period person time signal clip fluctuation time zones time-lag time-measuring instrument time-table regular measuring instrument activity legal instrument timer temporal order timing-adjuster timing-machine Ti N tin tin-plate tin-plating repairman tin-plating tinplate tint tip tip (up) tip-lever tipper titanium title to-and-fro motion tolerance tombac Tompion (Thomas) device tongue tool tool-maker tool-post tools complex body part tooth (teeth) tooth-forming milling-cutter toothed toothing top top balance-endpiece topping force torquemeter torsiometer torsion torsion electrical circuit crookedness tuning-fork touch up touchstone tourbillon mineral touch trace socio-economic class dealer train training transcoding electrical device transfer someone electromagnetic wave soul machine transferring transform transformation electrical device transistor translation translator transmission convey agent transmitting transpassive corrosion transponder waste material move receptacle treadle treat discourse trilateral triangular tribology tribometer trichlorethylene trip trigger-piece pure mathematics trigonometry tidy trimmer gewgaw triode misadventure trip-dog trip-hammer tripoli swingy hydrogen tropic tropical trotteuse trough true true (up) truing truncate truncated truncation wheel trunnion corporate trust truth statement in the moon-round tube tubular tumbling tungsten standardisation fork activity supporter tuning-fork turning turn in turn off bend out turn-off freedom fighter turn turning in movement off turning-arbor turnings turnip gum terpentine tuyre tweezers twelfth twinned clasp twist twist nematic two-phase efferent two-timer type UBAH ultra ultra-high-temperature solidification process blue ultramicroscope ultrasonic motor unhearable quivering ultrasonic attachment ultrasonic attachment automotive vehicle ultrasonic fastening plastics ultraviolet madden take off uncasing unclick unclicking unclog disentangle oily unction under-dial work undercut undercutter face undo (undid, undone) curve undulatory jobless person unemployment unequalised cross-grained unglue unhook unhooking unhooking dactyl unidirectional conjugation consistent unilateral federal unipolar major power unique unit unit(s) universal unlocking unplug unpoise unrivet unrust unrusting loose unset (unset, unset) unskilled worker rickety unbend (unwound, unwound) upjeweling top upright upright-drilling accoutrement uprighting uprightness uranium use in use UT UTC vacuum vacuum-gage vacuum-gauge vagary value valve v vaporisation vaporize vaporizer variable varied condenser alteration variation of unit of time be aggregation variocouple several paint vary vat Vaucanson (Jacques de) VCXO vector velocity verdigris brink Vrit (Auguste Lucien) youthful verneuil vernier fastigiate vertical polisher vertical framework vertically oscillating machine VHF vibrate moving moving drums vibration motion mode vibrating vibrograf vice vice-clamp vickers Villarceau (Yvon) Vinci (Leonardo da) viscope measuring device consistency glutinous vise vise-clamp visualization vitrifiable alter acid VLSI vocation vocational volatile volatile module v electrical phenomenon voltage low cargo meter volume cookie salary earnings fence walnut lawman spot warning-wheel distorted shape warping washer waste waste material strip duty period watch feature time period processor watch-material watch-parts watchcase watchmaking water water-resistance water-resistant water-resistant duty period engineer watt-hour wattless wattmeter motion wavemeter wax waxing WC weak weaken wear wear (wore, worn) clothing (wore, worn) (down, out) wearing trilateral wedge (up) week weigh consideration weighing-machine sports equipment weld fastening welding by galvanizing or laser refusion fit west wetting agent baleen machine wheelwork whim whip whisker white whiten merchandising distributor cord breadth wig-wag implement wind current of air (wound, wound) influence (wound, wound) in winding rambling (up) winding-mechanism pane of glass Winnerl (Joseph) conducting wire wire-edge withdrawal motion wood tidings tidings process work work-driver work-piece worked worker workings working-lamp working man attainment plant wrench wristlet WT WWVB X cut plus theta degrees xenon XO year reference work yellow yellowing payoff duad Z cut Z quartz zamak equid celestial point zenithal naught zero-resetting of chronograph zinc zinking zirconium oxide zirconium part zone ZT cut So you can always have it ready to hand, the Illustrated Professional Dictionary of artistry is too open in a public press version. Containing or so 1300 pages, it lists most 5000 terms in 4 languages (French, German, English and Spanish), with an alphabetical index.

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